Goals and objectives

Goals: The Rise of the spiritual life, the promotion of peace and stability, the convergence of nations and nationalities, an opportunity to put into practice their understanding of and responsibility for the culture of peace and leave a trail for future generations. Preservation of cultural heritage, improving musical and choreographic education, further improvement of the art, as well as the recognition of each other the different cultures of the world.

1) The establishment of creative and business contacts between creative teams, government and non-governmental organizations abroad.

2) The revival, preservation, development of the performing arts.

3) Relationship with samples of national culture and arts abroad.

4) Involvement in cooperation with the creative team of leading specialists of culture and prominent artists.

5) Professional development of creative teams and individual performers.

  Objectives: The main idea and purpose of the organization to draw attention to the issues and problems of the creative and performing arts, as well as modern education in all fields of art and dance. Programs of activities designed to introduce participants and visitors with a variety of genres, styles, performing traditions and history that form the tolerance of different nationalities, creative and aesthetic outlook, as well as the moral foundation of modern society. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and new knowledge for their application in the practice of any form of art and dance. The main problem faced by the World Alliance: 

1) erase the boundaries between organizations 

2) associate various sectors together

3) develop new creative models and mass mastery

4) creation of financing system through multi-level interaction 

5) bringing up of spiritual and moral component of each participant 

6) provide a platform for collaboration of creative teams 

7) to instill commitment to the needs and the implementation of creative tasks