1) BellyDance aged youth

2)  House

3) Tribal

4) Fusion 

5)  Fantasy \ Estrada

6)  Ballroom Dance Ensemble

7)  Balls

8)  International Programme stylized pair and group dances of the peoples of the world

9)  show based ball choreography

10)  Indian dances (except Bollywood)

11)  Historical Appliance dance

12) Carnival dance

13)  Military style

14) dance and vocals

15) Theaters events

16) Theatres Dance

17) Shaw Group Cabaret

18) show based on the movie Movie Dance Show

19) Dancing with the rope

20) Shaw based on cartoons Cartoon Dance Show

21)  Mini-Musical

22)  National Dance \ Ethno:

  Dances of the peoples of the north \ shamanic ritual dances
  Dance of South-East Asia
  African Dance
  Latin American Dance
  gypsy dance

23. Lady Style Dance (women's dance styles): Go Go, Ladies' Style, Vogue, Waaking, Jazz Funk, Dance Hall, Show LSD, Exotic show, Strip Plastic, Burlesque, Latina Style, Pole Dance